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Indian National Lok Dal

Ch. Devi Lal was born to Shugna Devi and Ch. Lekh Ram on 25 September, 1914 (Friday) in Teja Khera village of Sirsa district. Ch. Lekh Ram was a wealthy Jat landlord of Chautala village. Ch. Devi Lal, whose original name was Devi Dayal, received education up to middle school and also trained as a wrestler at an 'Akhara' in Badal village (Punjab). On Mahatma Gandhi's call, both he and his elder brother Ch Sahib Ram, left their studies unfinished to take part in the freedom movement.

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Parliament Members

Janpratinidhi.com is a social networking website which gives all political and social battle of issues connected map and MLA and it, is a framework for a whole variety of government that defines acceptable political methods and information within a given society, and it is a way to solve problems of constituencies.

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Constituencies in India

Janpratinidhi.com is a common platform where all leaders showcase and voters compare. It connects the voters with the leaders from their respective constituencies. A new social tool called Votebook has been designed to let the voter’s network with their fellow constituency representatives. Janpratinidhi.com furthers the cause of responsive governance by empowering voters and enabling leaders. Connect with voters! Know your leaders!

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